A slave ship, armed against pirates, was crossing the sea when one slave managed to seize a grenade. “Turn back and set us free,” he demanded, “or I’ll drop this grenade, which will break the hull and sink the ship.”

     “If you do that, you’ll perish with us.” the captain explained.

     “I don’t care,” replied the slave. “A lifetime of slavery is no better than dying today.”

     Ron Paul Revolutionaries have proven that we can and will sink the Republican Party if our demand is not met: Nominate libertarian extremists, – or else!

     Gary Johnson got more votes than any previous Libertarian candidate for President. Many Ron Paul Revolutionaries didn’t vote in November. Some even voted for Barack Obama.

     Charlie Bass and Frank Guinta have been replaced by Democrats, while libertarian extremists such as Kerry Bentivolio (R-MI) got elected.

     To defeat the Democrats, the Republican Party must stand united, and Ron Paul Revolutionaries will never unite behind enemies of liberty. You must unite behind libertarian extremists. Delay and denial will get you nowhere.

     But nominating libertarian extremists goes against everything I believe in.

     That’s okay with us. Just do it anyway. We are the Abolitionists, the ones who hold the correct opinion on slavery. Not “We feel it is correct.” It is correct. You have a right to your wrong opinion, but – no matter how intensely you hold it – that does not entitle you to keep slaves. Likewise with defending liberty nowadays. We are entitled to use any necessary means, – especially nonviolent means – to stop your government from violating our rights. If we give you a choice, you won’t comply; so we won’t give you a choice. We have to win.

     You sound extremely hostile.

     Sometimes a rapist is so far gone, he doesn’t expect the victim to be angry at him. You’re just as crazy if you think you can vote away our freedoms and show depraved indifference to our rights without breeding hostility. “I have sworn upon the Altar of God eternal Hostility against every Form of Tyranny over the Mind of Man.” – Thomas Jefferson.

     What are we supposed to do, try to reason with voters, when most of them absolutely do not give a fire truck about our rights?

     Nominate libertarian extremists, – or we sink the Republican Party.


We have to win somehow. The cop said to get the laws changed. If that requires threatening to sink the Republican Party, just be glad we found a nonviolent way to restore our rights.
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Bounkham Phonesavanh